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  1. Do y’all still play and if so do you have any shows coming up?

  2. Good afternoon, guys! Any chance you’d send me an autographed photo of the band??


    Tony Priest
    Crane, Texas

  3. Miss this band so much!!!! Are you still together? If not, what you guys all up to?

  4. Dear Four Star Mary,

    I want to thank you for all your music. It was a fundamental part of my listening in teens. I’m now a Dr, and renowned climatologist and writer – I think that these things are formed by music input in part, I worked alongside it. I saw you in Manchester, UK, and Zu gave me his pick – it hangs on my keychain still. If I can be of any assistance – please do get in touch. I don’t mind my details being public – – there’s a contact box.

    And thank you, again,

    Dr. R. McCarthy

  5. You all still around ? LA needs some live rock n roll to spice things up how about a downtown la gig ?

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