“Pieces Part I” has been released!!!!!

Today Four Star Mary released part one of our latest recording effort, appropriately entitled “Pieces”
Pieces Part I 1400X1400 RGB

Following the successful promotional tour of the UK this past November, this release via CD Baby is the first installment of a planned four-part effort.

The new work was conceived as a serial album that will be released in 4 parts over the course of a year. We thought it would be fun release 3 song mini EP’s every 3 months so there would be new FSM music to surprise your friends with throughout the year.

Have a listen and spread the word of new FSM music to the world.

Love FSM

Acoustic bit of “PIECES”

What better way to start off your week than with a new Four Star Mary song “Pieces”. This is an acoustic version of the title track of the next FSM album, oddly enough called “Pieces”. We are getting ready for our upcoming tour to the UK so follow along so you can sing it with us when we hit the UK….

Your Pal,