Derrick is not dead…….

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Hola Peeps,

So to prove all the conspiracy theorists wrong we made a new video tonight that proves without a doubt that Der is in fact still alive. I know what you all were saying but he does live and he can still play guitar….

It was fun to make a little video for you all to enjoy. Thanks to all of you that voted on what FSM song you wanted us to do acoustically and the winner is……………..Dilate.

I can hear the moan coming through my computer monitor. Not to worry we will eventually do all of the songs that you requested but for now we had to make this one for our dear friend Jamie or sweet J. A friend and fan of FSM for what seems like a million years. We need to apologize to all current and former girlfriends of J’s deep devotion to FSM that every gift he ever gave his girlfriends whether it was a birthday or boxing day was always a FSM CD. If they were lucky they would even get the single of Dilate to go in the Christmas stocking….Bless him.

What you have in the video above was us trying to capture the spirit of that devotion from our dear Friend.

Thanks for all that you do.



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