Special Guest arrives at FSM Inc

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Hola party people,

We had a special guest drop by the studio. As you can see from the video above we all had a laugh introducing our good friend and former bass player Steve Carter. It was fun to sit in with Steve and lament over days gone by. Like the time we all made him throw his ugly nurse looking shoes out of the tour bus somewhere in France.(littering is wrong, but those shoes had to go) Or the time Der passed out in the “Coffee Bar” in Amsterdam. Or watching Tad’s face swell up like a pumpkin after he ate some bamboo shoots that were put in our Authentic Chinese food we ordered in Germany somewhere. (a small word of advice, Germany is not the homeland of authentic Chinese food)

It was a great day to see our old friend. Have a look at the photos for proof as everyone thought Steve was lost in the Bermuda Triangle all of these years. Make sure to comment on his first recording in over 10 years. (yes, we made him play acoustic guitar)

Until the next installment………



Steve Drums??

Steve Rehearsals

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